We put clients’ interests at the heart of what we do!


Fox & Kim – Rechtsanwälte is committed to deliver excellent legal services by constantly targeting to explore better ways to find practical solutions that “just” work.

Our vision is to provide legal support, as effectively and efficiently as possible - to create more values for our clients.


Fox & Kim –Rechtsanwälte has been founded in 2008 by RA Ferdinand Fox, RA Hyun-Soo Kim and S. Ritonga.


Since the beginning the objective was, to be a reliable and trustful partner, able to competently take care of our clients need related to any legal matter.


RA Ferdinand Fox studied law at the University of Constance and Cologne. He is admitted to the BAR in Karlsruhe. In addition he completed a Specialist Solicitor Course “Commercial and Corporate Law” in 2006 and obtained the Master of Laws degree in 2008.


RA Hyun-Soo Kim studied law at the University of Bielefeld and Bonn and is admitted to the BAR since 2007. He specialises in all aspects of EC Competition law and distribution rights.


He speaks German, Korean, English.

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